What is Professional stream?

Poslovni tok Slovenija / Professional Stream Slovenia is a Christian association of business people, the purpose of which is to bring moral and ethical values into the business world.

We are bringing together business and professional people of all profiles, as well as students (our next generation), who desire to operate according to Christian principles in their personal and business life.

With the use of networking, exchanging experiences from professional and personal life and with counselling by renowned businessmen, we endeavour to increase chances of business success, increase the quality of personal life and make everyday decision-making in business easier.

With this intention we organize various workshops, seminars, courses and similar activities, in order to assist people with the problems and challenges they face at their workplaces.

In Poslovni tok Slovenija / Professional Stream Slovenia we are open to all people who desire to learn business wisdom from the Book to which no other book can measure up – the Holy Bible – and from those who have already gleaned from it.