Who we are and what we do

Wishing to engage young people, as well as those who have been in business for a long time, we offer the following:

- Every Monday, MONDAY MANNA is being distributed via e-mail to more than 1.200 e-mail addresses all over Slovenia;

- We organise SMALL GROUPS/BUSINESS OUTREACH GROUPS, where we discuss the content of Monday Manna and various materials from other sources;

- For smaller groups of 5-12 people we organize A SERIES OF SIX 3-HOUR WORKSHOPS "BUSINESS BY THE BOOK" (titles of individual workshops: Ownership and Purpose, Leadership, Finance, Human Resources, Organization and Marketing, Planning, and an additional workshop called Business Excellence / examples of good practice in Slovenia);


- A new book - YOUR MONEY COUNTS;

- Every 1-2 months we organise FORUMS for people in leading positions and for businesspeople. In this way BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION GROUPS are developed, where business people help and advise each other and, with the help of a mediator, resolve numerous challenges in the businesses of group members;

- We publish (for the 10th time this year) REFLECTIONS – a magazine for decision makers, with the following themes: Merry Christmas! Open door, Back to the Roots, Joy, Opportunities, Dreams, Freedom, The Jesus Code (our anniversary edition celebrating 10 years of PTS Slovenia), Courage, Vive la différence. All these publications are available in 16 libraries in Slovenia;

- A set of six EDUCATIONAL MOVIES – GOD PROVIDES (Widow and Oil, Lifted up, Jeremiah’s Call, Abraham’s Reward, Abraham and Isaac, The Rich Man and Lazarus);

- We also recommend the book LOVING MONDAY – Succeeding in business without selling your soul;

- We are preparing several other PUBLICATIONS;

- We organise BUSINESS DINNERS with music and interesting keynote speakers, and soon to follow:


- various SEMINARS, such as: Sharpening Your People Skills, Integrity - An Inside Job, Abundance of Life in the Workplace, Leading your company or your business according to Biblical principles, Ethics that work etc.;

- Alpha course: Business Alpha for leaders, and Alpha in the Workplace for all people in the company who are interested in participating (15 lessons – a chance to discover the meaning of life);

- We are also preparing a study in the form of a dialogue with individuals, through the materials of OPERATION TIMOTHY: Foundation, Questions, Perspectives;

- We are also considering the counselling program CAREER DIRECT;

- And last but not least, we organise various GATHERINGS in nature and other events.

Poslovni tok Slovenija / Professional Stream Slovenia is a member of the European organisation Europartners, and through it also of the world association CBMC International. Association Poslovni tok Slovenija/Professional Stream Slovenia is led by its founder Prof. Dragica Kisilak, Ph.D. M.Sc. BESc