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What do participants say about Alpha?

Edvard Pukšič about the course in Maribor:

Sometimes something has to happen, to move you, to change your direction, to show your behavior in different light: to set the experience on different level and you feel it different and you use it different.

With me this happened on Alpha, the first guided steps into Christianity.

Meetings with Lord were quiet, full of sorrow, stiff and without life!

Also preparations for confirmation and the confirmation itself. Many sentences that we learned from beginning to the end. Standing in the line appropriate steps, appropriate clothes and behavior. Stiff and without life!

God and prayer I am getting to know since the childhood… Life, the everyday life shows us two faces and the darkened one it has many times connected me with faith, prayer and the Lord. Prayers at funerals were always full of tears and pain. Masses on Sundays were hush and full of discipline: do not turn, be quiet, do not speak, be quiet as a mouse…, And the traditional Cathecism meeting of kids with faith, also full of discipline, quietness only some answers on questions. It was not relaxed, no talking about thing you did not understood, no cheerfulness and laughter, no joy.

And then in middle period of my life comes Alpha and the understanding of the heart and the mind, opening of the spirit! With cheerful people, with song, juice and snack, flowers and tasteful biscuits our sisters on meetings, by relaxed talking with questions an answers, With DVD and music. Guidance is the Bible, which makes the way into new dimensions of thinking, in different life, fulfilled, rich, giving hope and – joy.

Alpha was what had to happen, to move me and change me. Holy Spirit is always here, with Him is the Lord. Jesus is your Friend and Protector, always with you. You can always turn on Him and talk to him. He will wipe your tears of sorrow and multiply joy. You are not alone, never; always you have a place to go. Always there is a Way. Always is a Way. Nothing is stiff anymore and without life. I am happy and a Christian! A happy Christian then.

And others participants:

Alpha is fun.....Alpha means good food.... Alpha is laughter and relaxed ambience....Alpha are flowers, awesome decorations, delicious cakes....Alpha is something I searched my whole life...Alpha fulfills me...Alpha gives forth countless answers about me....I am welcome if I'm open or closed!....Alpha is the answer....Alpha is relaxation...Alpha is people of good will.... Alpha weekend - bomb.....Alpha awes me.....